Roulette Table Hire

Professional Tables

image of couple next to the roulette wheelCasino Roadshow has two professional roulette tables identical in size, both covered in sumptuous Alcantara cloth with padded outer bumpers. One of our tables is covered with a bottle green cloth and the other burgundy red. Our roulette wheels are the stars of the show, made by two of London’s most famous makers. They are both full-size 32″ diameter roulette wheels that will impress any guest.

>> Dimensions: Width at widest point 8ft 6″ / Depth 6ft Approx 2.6M /1.8M

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Budget Casino Cloths

Casino Roadshow have a number of 8ft green cloths that are used as part of our budget Casino solution. These are usually spread over a table, supplied by you,  however our croupiers will still deal for you.
The roulette wheel is a more than useful UK made four-spoke, 3/4 size,  24″ diameter.

>> Dimensions: width at widest point 8ft 6″ / depth 6ft Approx 2.6M /1.8M

Please be aware: Some companies will try to pass these budget cloths off as the professional kit, it’s not!

People at the casino party having fun
image of casino table
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