Stud Poker

Professional Tables

As you can see the tables have the same dimensions as the Blackjack and Dice tables. Each has padded bumpers. Each stud poker table, as above picture, is covered with a luxurious green printed Alcantara cloth. The game is for 7 standing players and your croupier will deal 7 players at a time.

Stud poker differs from Hold’em Poker in a couple of ways, firstly, you are playing against the banker, not the other players and secondly each player is dealt 5 cards, not just 2.

There will be gaming instructions provided to help guests who are new to the game of Stud Poker, alternatively, please ask your croupier to explain the rules when the table opens.

These tables are the real deal and look great as part of any casino event.

Dimensions: Length at widest point 6ft / Width 3ft Approx 2M/ 1M

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Budget Cloths

The stud poker budget game format comes on a quality piece of blue expression cloth. You will need to provide a table to lay the cloth and set up the game. As normal tables are usually lower than our full-size casino tables you may, for comfort, want to provide 7 seats for the Poker players.

The odds for the fun casino Stud Poker are slightly better than a real casino. We can increase the number of winning hands by introducing the Jokers!

The same croupiers and chips are used for the budget games as for the full-size tables. Stud poker is ideal if you are organising a casino event or holding a poker night.

nb: some casino companies ONLY supply budget quality equipment.

Dimensions: Length at widest point 6ft / Width 3ft Approx 2M/ 1M

image of croupier standing next to stud poker table
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