Fun Money

There are two different types of event and having Fun Money aids both in different ways.

The 1st type of event covers Corporate, Staff Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc. Each guest is allocated one note on arrival and can exchange it for chips at the gaming tables. By doing this you ensure that everyone starts with an equal amount and a fair winner is found


The second type of event is Fund Raising and needs a way to ensure the money raised is safe and the event doesn’t fall foul of the law. This is because NO money is allowed to cross the table (you can’t donate to the croupier). By having a ‘Banker’ distributing the fun money, you ensure that each note receives the correct donation and the banker holds all the funds raised.

To assist in making your event more memorable we can produce ‘Event Specific’ fun money for your guests. Just send a photo or logo and we’ll do the rest for you.

Please Note: Fun money is printed in black and white. Full colour  can be provided at extra cost

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