Chuck a Luck Dice Tables

Chuck-a-Luck is easy to understand and ideal for newcomers to a casino night. Its basically a cut-down version of the popular American dice game, craps.

As you can see from the picture above, the dimensions are the same as for the blackjack tables. There are also padded edge bumpers and the table is covered with luxurious red Alcantara cloth. The game originates from the middle ages and uses three precision dice.

There will be “game instructions” on the table, but if any guest is unsure the croupier can explain everything.

>> Dimensions: Width at widest point 6ft / Depth 3ft Approx 2M /1M

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Chuck-a-luck is simple to understand and a great introduction to casino nights for guests who are new to them.

The budget cloths are of good quality and are placed over a table you supply for your casino event. Everything else is the same – the dice, rules and the odds. The three differences between the budget casino hire and the DIY casino kit is heavier chips, better quality dice and, of course, our croupiers.

nb: Some casino operators will only supply this type of budget casino.

>> Dimensions: Width at widest point 6ft / Depth 3ft Approx 2M /1M

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