Blackjack Tables

Pro Blackjack Tables

We have four blackjack tables, all are identical in size and clothed with top quality printed Alcantara (The famous luxury suede effect material used in many makes of prestige cars and furniture). There are two in red and two in green (as pictured to the right). They all have padded bumper edges and two of the four (one in each colour has a “side game” of pairs. Please ask your croupier to explain when the table opens.

The other equipment used in our blackjack game is of a high quality, including, heavy gaming chips, super indexed Italian Dal Negro cards and our John Huxley 6 deck card shoes with secure discard trays.

>> Dimensions: Length at widest point 6ft / Width 3ft Approx 2M/ 1M

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Budget Blackjack

We stock a wide variety of blackjack cloths for our Budget Casino. One of these is spread across your table. Our professional croupier will still act as dealer and manage the table on your behalf.

Gaming chips are the same as those used on the Professional tables, we use black 6 deck dealing shoes and discard trays.

NB: Some casino companies will ONLY provide Budget kits.

>> Dimensions: Length at widest point 6ft / Width 3ft Approx 2M/ 1M

Professional full size Red Blackjack Table
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